In Memory of Shadow: 1987-2018.

Our horse, Shadow, was the inspiration for Jackson Hole Horse Rescue.  He recently died, just short of age 31.  I had him for 27 years. Here was my post on Facebook.

March 15, 2018. My good buddy Shadow died today. He was three months shy of 31 years old. The best horse I ever had. I’ve had him for 27 years. Gallop through the clouds, old buddy, until we meet again in 28 1/2 years when my time is finally up.


When I go to join Shadow, 28 1/2 years from now, I want this photo on my casket. No open casket. I don’t want to look dead. I want everyone to remember me when I was riding Shadow in the Mountains near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Shadow is looking down the canyon and saying, “We aren’t going down there again, are we?”


Shadow was always swiping my hat!


Image may contain: one or more people, horse, outdoor and natureShadow loved to flirt with the girls and steal a kiss when he could. He knew cowgirls couldn’t resist a cowboy in a white hat. My granddaughter, Rae Fullmer.


Image may contain: Maury Jones, smiling, standing and outdoorShadow was the featured attraction at parades.


Image may contain: 1 person, riding on a horse, outdoor and natureHorse Rescue volunteer, Jen Jones, my daughter.  This was summer of 2016. One of the last rides Shadow went on. He was perky and full of energy.


Life always looks better when viewed from between the ears of a good horse, especially a “Shadow” horse.


Image may contain: grass, sky, horse, outdoor and nature“Uh, Jonesy, I don’t think we should get any closer to that buffalo.”


I would often ride down the trail sitting backwards on Shadow so I could talk to the guests without getting a crick in my neck. I trusted him. He would just keep to the trail and ignore my shenanigans.


Shadow loved to climb mountains during hunting season. We are at the top of Squaw Creek, with Middle Ridge and Elk Mountain in the background across Greys River far below.


Just another day at the office sitting at my desk. My desk was affectionately named “Shadow”.

No better place in the world to be than on top of a mountain on my Shadow.
Shadow always tolerated my nonsense. I was trying to get a better vantage point to see “Where the heck are we?” Note the “reins”. That was obviously one of those days (infrequent) when we got to the trailhead without a bridle for one of the horses, or perhaps a bridle broke. I had to use two lead ropes on his halter instead of a bridle.
Shadow liked being the boss, and to be the boss you got to wear the white hat.
Image may contain: mountain, sky, outdoor, nature and water
Now THAT is a good view from between his ears. In Grand Teton National Park, with “the Grand” in the far background.
Image may contain: 1 person, standing, cloud, sky, outdoor and nature
Stole my hat again!
Local kid, Josh Hanson, came to visit Jackson Hole Horse Rescue. Shadow was glad to accommodate.
Image may contain: Maury Jones, smiling, outdoor
We told Shadow to smile! Independence Day Parade.
I told Shadow to smile and like a mischievous little kid he stuck his tongue out at the camera.

Dori Hammond and Shadow ride across the prairie near Grand Teton National Park.

Neighbor Dori Hammond, who was battling cancer, gave Shadow lots of TLC and Shadow returned the love with a big heart. I’ll bet right now they are hugging and riding together in that Great Pasture in the Sky.

Can you tell I loved my Shadow horse?

Another Shadow story; To commemorate the memory of “Old Shadow”, my 31 year old horse who recently went to “The Great Pasture in the Sky”. I wrote this many years ago.

Once some ducks tried to kill me. My Arabian horse, Shadow—so named as in scared-of-his-own—and I were riding up a trail in White Creek just at the crack of dawn. We crossed a tiny creek, then the trail started angling up the side of a hill, with pine trees to our left. The pine trees passed behind us as the trail came into the open. Suddenly two ducks exploded from a pond a mere thirty yards to the side. Shadow immediately exploded thirty yards up the impossibly steep hill in the opposite direction. I was grabbing leather, relieved that I was still on top of the horse instead of under him. “Those were ducks!” I cussed at Shadow. He retorted, “But they were grizzly ducks!” Ever since then we’ve called that pond Grizzly Duck Pond.


Mila came from California and painted Shadow up like a Unicorn.  Shadow felt so foolish!

Now Shadow has gone to the Great Pasture in the Sky.  He was such a great horse that I’ll bet God Himself takes a ride on Shadow now and then.  Rest in peace, old Buddy!  Jonesy

In memory of Shadow, please donate to help the other horses that we have in our care.  They will be eternally grateful.

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