Below are just a few of the many great horses who passed through our gates.


Jonesy gets a kiss from Tuffy, one of two “wild” mustangs which the Horse Rescue adopted. They were so friendly they were a nuisance!



Dreamer is giving Tuffy an earful in our pasture. Tuffy and Dreamer, the “wild” mustangs, were eventually placed together in a forever home.






Stitch was a lame retired cowhorse. We finally found him a good home as a “pasture pet” to be a companion with another horse who was alone.



Sammie, old lame mare. We adopted her out to a family with young kids. They had two other horses but those were just too much horse for the kids. Sammie is just right!  They absolutely love her.  Mindy and her family have been key to rescuing other horses.

Rusty is nearing 30 years old. Suffering from arthritis. He will live out his days here.



Shadow is now 30 years old. He was the inspiration for the horse rescue. He carried Jonesy for literally thousands of miles through some of the roughest and most beautiful terrain on the planet. He has been Jonesy’s good buddy for 26 years. I hug him almost every day when I give him his daily ration of grain. Below is Shadow in his prime, with Jonesy on top of the mountain at the head of North White Creek, Greys River, Wyoming. Shadow is looking for deer, elk, or moose in the basin far below, or, more likely, he is saying to Jonesy, “We aren’t going down there again, are we?” We’ve gone down that rocky ridge in the background more than once and clear down in the basin below and out the bottom to the White Creek trailhead several miles down the canyon. Mann Peak is in the far background.  Late Note:  Shadow died on March 15, 2018, just a couple of months shy of his 31st birthday.  Shadow, enjoy your gallop through the clouds.  We have a page on this site dedicated to Shadow.


Lulu was a very old skinny mule which we took in. She had an abscessed tooth. After some dental work she fattened up and became quite the pet. Jonesy’s grandson, Brannen, poses with her. She was adopted by a rancher and his sweet wife and finally died of old age, about 37 years old.







Candy was born to one of Jonesy’s mares on May 30, 1986. I used her for many many years hauling tourists around in the mountains near Jackson Hole. She suffered an injury which caused paralysis of the left side of her face. As you can see in the photo, she lost her left eye. She also could not move her left ear. She went totally deaf. She finally died in March, 2016, two months short of her 30th birthday.

More horse photos will be added as time permits. Some of the above photos will be updated with bios of the horses.

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