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Scout came to us as a wild two-year old.  With a lot of TLC and patience he is now Jonesy’s preferred mount.  Here he relaxes in our pasture with the Grand Teton Peak in the background.  Our ranch adjoins Grand Teton National Park.


The only Horse Rescue in Wyoming

Welcome to Jackson Hole Horse Rescue. We all have important values and ideals, things we care about. This site is for individuals who have a desire to help unwanted, abused, neglected and elderly horses find peace and safety in a caring home.  Some will live out their lives at this rescue facility, finding dignity and security.  Some will be rehabilitated and adopted to homes that love and appreciate them.  And some will find a humane relief to their suffering and despair. (only with veterinarian recommendation)   Our goal and hope is to aid as many of our equine friends as we can.  Please step up and take tangible action to help these horses.  Donations of time, materials, and/or money are tax deductible because we are a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Jackson Hole Horse Rescue has been able to survive because of having free irrigated pasture available to the rescue horses, May through October.  This is because of one fantastic guy.  He values his privacy so I won’t mention his name.  His company farms 35,000 acres in California and owns this 256 acre ranch in Jackson Hole where our horses are pastured.  You, no doubt, have helped pay for the donated horse pasture by buying his  Clementine Cuties (seedless mandarines), and his kiwi fruit called Mighties.  Yes, when you buy Sun Pacific produce, nuts, and citrus products you are helping Jackson Hole Horse Rescue.  In return for providing the free pasture for our horses we take the boss’ family and employees horseback riding when they come to Jackson Hole.  Of course they ride Horse Rescue horses, so we keep some that are rideable for that purpose.

Saving horses takes your support and funding.  It costs at least $100 per horse per month to care for them; shoeing, vet bills, grain, hay, winter pasture, and general care. Please help by donating.  The best way to donate is through Old Bill’s Fun Run, August 1 through Sept 14, 2018.  By donating during that time frame we get an additional amount, about 50%, in matching funds from Old Bill’s donors.  So your $100 donation becomes about $150 for the horses.   Outside of that time frame, simply mail a check or cash to Jackson Hole Horse Rescue, 505 E. Zenith Dr., Jackson, WY 83001. Jonesy will send you a receipt.  Call or text Jonesy at 307-887-3356.  Or email me JonesyJacksonHole (at) gmail .com for more details. (written that way to thwart phishing programs who send spam.)

To donate to Jackson Hole Horse Rescue from August 1 through September 14, 2018;
Go to www.OldBills.org
On the top menu, click on “Donate”
On the “Donate Now” form click on “Event” and then choose “Old Bills”
On the “Field of Interest” click “Animals”
In “Keywords” type “Horse” then hit “Submit”
Choose Jackson Hole Horse Rescue  “Details” then “Add to Cart”
Put in amount in whole numbers, no dollar sign or decimal
Click Save and go to cart
Click Checkout

Or Donate Now online through PayPal

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